Speaker Bio

Benjamin Stein


Ben first joined LANL in 2015 as a Seaborg Postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Stosh Kozimor. As a postdoc Ben’s research focused on the spectroscopic characterization of actinium coordination compounds, including the first EXAFS and NMR spectra of actinium chelates. In 2018 Ben joined the Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (C-PCS) group as a Staff Scientist, and has focused on advanced spectroscopic studies of the actinides, including time-resolved optical and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopies. In 2022 Ben became the Deputy Group Leader of C-PCS and established the Actinide Spectroscopy Laboratory, a multi-PI effort which consolidates a variety of ultrafast optical, time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance, and microscopy capabilities. His experience lies in the spectroscopy, magnetism and electronic structure of transition metal, lanthanide, and actinide (including transuranic) systems.